Centre for Natural Products & Medical Cannabis

Loyalist College

Belleville, ON


The Centre for Natural Products and Medical Cannabis offers companies a platform from which to enhance productivity, expand reach and augment competitiveness in the global market. With applications in the natural health products, cannabis, and the food and beverage industries, the Centre uses research and collaboration to help clients solve everyday problems.

Clients come to us for product development and testing new ideas, analytical testing and validation, equipment demonstration and testing, compliance and documentation expertise, and skilled workforce training.

The Loyalist College Centre is well known for its cannabis expertise and its expertise in green extraction methods. Loyalist was the first college in Canada to have a laboratory licensed by Health Canada to conduct cannabis research and analytical testing, and the first college to have a research license renewed for five years and analytical testing license renewed for three years.

In addition to providing an environment for College-cannabis industry partnerships to thrive, the Centre also supports employers in building skilled workforces. Loyalist’s Cannabis Applied Science students gain exceptional experiential learning opportunities through their work on real-world projects with both academic and industry personnel.

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  1. Process/method organization
  2. Supercritical CO2 extraction testing/ analytics
  3. Feasibility studies
  4. Equipment/ space rental
  5. Workshops and training
  6. Analytical chemistry
  7. Beverage testing

Previous Research Projects:

  • Biosynthesis pathways of cannabinoids
  • Literature review to determine validity of proprietary sprays for applications in cannabis industry
  • Cannabinoid retention caused by leaching
  • Selective extraction of essential oils
  • Effects of microgravity and space radiation on cannabis plants
  • Analysis of active ingredient to manage varroa mite infestations in bee colonies
  • Testing THC in suspension
  • Cannabinoid profiles for treated cannabis
  • Reflective film analysis

Fields of projects:

  • Ag-tech
  • Food processors
  • Cannabis producers
  • Packaging
  • Natural products
  • Food quality
  • Beverage quality
  • Laboratories
  • Cannabis products
  • Packaging


  1. Agriculture
  2. Clean Technology
  3. Food Innovation
  4. Human Health Therapeutics


Equipment Function
Waters MV-10 ASFE System Semi-automated multi-vellel supercritical CO2 extractor.
Supercritical Technologies SFT-250 SFE System Pilot scale supercritical CO2 extraction system.
Shimadzu Prominence-1 LC2030C Plus Automated HPLC-UV.
Shimadzu GGMS-QP2010 SE Single Quad GC-MS
Conviron GEN1000 growth chambers Tissue culture unit
Lab Conco Freezone Lyophilizer Freeze dryer
Heidolph G3 Rotary Evaporator Evaporator
Omni Bead Ruptor Elite Bead ruptor
Dionex ASE 200 Accelerated Solvent Extractor Extractor
Anton Paar Beverage Analyzer Beverage analyzer
Spectrophotometer V-30000PC VIS VWR 10037-440 Photometer
Anton Paar QC3000 Rotational Viscometer Viscometer
Labconco Purifier Logic+ Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet Biosafety cabinet
Quantachrome Tapped Density Analyzer Density analyzer
Mettlor Toledo Hot-stage with Leica DM1000 microscope and Olympus SC500 camera Hot-stage
Caframo High torque stirrer Benchtop overhead stirrer
Orion Star A215 ph/Conductivity Benchtop Meter Benchtop meter
Ohaus Moisture Analyzer Moisture analuzer
Ohaus Explorer Balances Precision balance and two semi-micro balances
Ohaus Digital Vortex Mixer Mixer
Mettlor Toledo Balance Precision balance
Beckman Coulter Allegra X-15R Centrifuge Centrifuge
Beckman Counter Microfuge 20 Centrifuge Centrifuge
Eppendorf Repeater E3x single-channel pipette Pipette
  • apollogreen
  • VIVO cannabis
  • Mediwanna
  • MediPharm Labs
  • Dow Testing Services
  • Diatom Consulting
  • Cold Plasma Group
  • Kingston Aluminum Technology
  • Kimberlite/Valley of Gold Farms
  • Persall Fine Foods
  • Entomo Farms
  • Exhale into Health
  • Hard Way Cider
  • Signal Brewery
  • Parsons Brewing Company
  • Boost Growth Systems