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Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatoon, SK


The Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE) is a research lab within Saskatchewan Polytechnic's School of Information and Communication Technology. We work collaboratively with multiple programs to bring digital solutions for our various industrial partners. Our core focus is on data. This involves data integrity, the transmission thereof, along with analysis and storage aspects.

Within this focus, we look at three different aspects of how data interacts within an organization.

Asset Management and Monitoring

In addition to traditional definitions of an asset, DICE includes data as an important corporate asset. By combining data acquisition, distributed analytics, edge computing, mobile computing, and software technology platforms, companies have access to condition monitoring, along with analysis and predictive capabilities.

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

TSN is a key component for various industrial applications such as process and machine control. To be able to manage a system to create low communication latency and minimal jitter are critical for closed loop requirements. DICE helps to demonstrate technologies from multiple companies working together on a TSN network to showcase flexible manufacturing and processing scenarios.

Mesh Communication and Control

A mesh refers to a rich interconnection among smart devices or nodes consisting of mesh clients, mesh routers and gateways in a relatively stable topology. DICE focuses on open technologies that can help monitor and control mesh networks at the cloud edge, while maintaining scalability and interoperability between different vendors and protocol standards. This allows companies to increase resiliency and make integration of distributed resources easier.

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Digital Integration Centre of Excellence

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DICE Terry Peckham

Terry Peckham
TAC Director/Research Chair


DICE Gerelt Trost

Gerelt Trost
Research Coordinator


DICE Kelvin Boechler

Kelvin Boechler
Project Manager


Saskatoon, SK

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  1. Concept Validation
  2. Process Optimization
  3. Big Data Storage, Aggregation and Analytics
  4. Automation of Systems
  5. Digital Analytical Services
  6. Network Analysis
  7. Prototype Development
  8. Proof of Concept
  9. Software Design and Project Management
  10. IoT Sensor Integration
  11. Predictive Maintenance
  12. Data Integration
  13. AI / ML / Depth Learning
  14. Customized Training
  15. Drone / Autonomous Vehicle Development
  16. Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality
  17. Software Re-Design and Improvement
  18. Cyber Security

Previous Research Projects:

  • Prototype platform using augmented reality to help facilitate knowledge exchange in a large outdoor agricultural expo
  • Augmented reality prototype for tourism in remote locations
  • Open source tool that performs automated penetration testing along with suggested solutions
  • Prototype system to help support individuals in mental wellness through peer support
  • Design and testing of machine learning technologies on assembly line data to decrease incidence of faulty parts
  • Prototype mesh network to allow accurate positioning in underground environments
  • Development of a prototype platform for canine simulation training
  • Development of a prototype platform for identifying weeds in a crop using AI

Fields of projects:

  • Argiculture
  • Precision Argiculture
  • Agriculture Artificial Intelligence
  • Food processing
  • Fleet Monitoring/Maintance
  • Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mining Process Optimization
  • Mining IIoT
  • Mining AI Analytics
  • Health care
  • Mental Wellness
  • Education
  • Automotive- Analytics
  • Industry Education


  1. Agriculture
  2. Cyber Security and Disruptive Technologies
  3. Data
  4. Information and Communications Technology
  5. Mining
  6. Social Innovation


Equipment Function
Rack Mounted Server AI Analytics
Rack Mounted Data Storage Data Aggregation and Analysis
Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality
Microsoft Kinect Infra-Red Depth cloud sensors
Intel real sense Infra-Red Depth cloud sensors
  • Cameco
  • Glacier Farm Media (GFM)
  • KeyLeaf
  • BHB Biliton
  • Nutrien
  • City of Prince Albert
  • Pecktech Inc.
  • Expert Systems Inc
  • Canadian Mental Health Association / College of Nursing
  • Black Sun
  • Restorative Action Program
  • Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell Division
  • Veterinary Simulator Industries Ltd
  • Cosmopolitan Industries
  • Craven Sports Services
  • Refresh Inc
  • Meducational Skills, Tools & Technologies Inc
  • Experience First Design Inc (EFDI)
  • International Road Dynamics
  • Lexcom
  • Saskatchewan Ski Patrol
  • Spectrum Agriculture (Winnipeg Manitoba)
  • Sun Ridge Residential Inc
  • Western Alfalfa Inc
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Western Canada Innovation
  • Innovation Enterprise
  • International Mineral Innovation Institute
  • Western Economic Diversification
  • Ag in Motion