Institute for Graphic Communications and Printability

Ahuntsic College

Montréal, QC


The ICI is a collegial Technology Access Center, in graphic communications and printability, associated with Ahuntsic College.It supports businesses through innovation, research and training while supporting college education.

Whether you are a printer, a supplier or a buyer of printed material, the ICI can meet your needs. As a center of expertise in printability, we offer unbiased and customized technical consultation services. Our technical team of field specialists, scientists and technicians is supported by a complete fleet of industrial printing equipment and a specialized laboratory for the characterization of consumables and printed products. We can ensure a transfer of technology tailored to your industry.

As a member of the graphic arts industry do you want to add intelligent features to your printed products? Are you a supplier of functional materials wanting to market a new ink? A partner of the flexible and printed electronics industry searching for better printability? The ICI and its Canadian network of academic and institutional partners have one mission: collaboration.

The ICI’s industrial research group uses their extensive knowledge of the graphics chain to develop new functional applications, including printed electronics, interactive prints, biosensors, The Internet of Things, and many more. Thanks to the transfer of the technologies resulting from the research, Canadian companies have better access to these new disruptive innovations, making our partners and their ecosystems more competitive from the local to the international level.

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I-CI Ngoc Duc Trinh

Ngoc Duc Trinh
Executive Vice-President


999 Emile-Journault East, Montréal, QC H2M 2E2

Services offered in: French, English, Spanish

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  1. Printability
  2. Ink formulation
  3. Printing Processes
  4. Functionnal printed applications including printed electronics
  5. Graphic communications
  6. Industralization

Previous Research Projects:

  • Development of antimicrobial inks and antimicrobial printed surfaces
  • Development of enzymatic inks for biosensors (ex: glucose biosensors)
  • Industrialization of flexible hybrid electronics, combining printed and conventionnal electronics (ex: smart packaging solutions increasing traceability of fesh food)
  • Development and industrialization of a fully printable battery
  • Member of the Canadian strategic network GreEN (Green Electronics Network) for the development of greener printed electronics: leader of Theme 2 on devices manufacturing, training of highly qualified people, support on ink formulation and printability tests for R&D projects).
  • Participation in the organization of the Canadian Printed and Flexible Electronics Symposium CPES2021


  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Cyber Security and Disruptive Technologies
  3. Digital Media and Graphic Communications
  4. Energy
  5. Information and Communications Technology
  6. Medical Devices
  7. Telecommunications


Equipment Function
Varyflex VF 430 press (unique in Canada) 17” width, 5 units with mobile processes: 4 flexo stations / 2 rotogravure stations / 2 rotary silk-screen station, mobile drying: hot air or UV, mobile lamination, explosion-proof press for rolling water-, solvent- or UV-based inks, out-feed in rolls, sheets or label die-cutting. Industrial press trial, prototyping
Rotary Harris M110 offset, 4 recto/verso units, 26” width, coldset or heatset mode Industrial press trial, prototyping
Heidelberg SM 74 offset sheet press, 5 units, 20x29'' Industrial press trial, prototyping
Ekra Series X1 semi-automatic silk-screen printer, 13.5” x 17”, with possibility for hot-air or UV drying Industrial press trial, prototyping
Ricoh ProC7200sx Digital press, 5 colours , 13 x 19 or 13 x 27.5'' (banner format) Industrial press trial, prototyping
Buhler FPML2-EX Bead Mill; MicroMedia® processing chamber for 30-100nm particles, and Centex® S2 processing chamber for 200nm-2 microns particles Ink Formulation
High-Speed Disperser 1.5 HP, Engineered Mills; adjustable speed up to 5000 rpm, Rotor Stator dispersing module, Attritor bead milling module Ink Formulation
Speed Mixer DAC 150 FVZ, FlackTek Ink Formulation
FT-IR MB3000, ABB Infrared Spectrometer, IR wavelength range between 4,000 and 550 cm-1 Ink characterization
Datacolor 650 Spectrophotometer Ink characterization
ATS Rheometer 5.0, Reologica Instruments Ink characterization
Mastersizer M3000, Malvern (particles size analysis between 0.01 and 3500 µm) Ink characterization
Inkometer, 101-B, Thwing-Albert Instrument Company (measuring ink tack) Ink characterization
Other equipement: Ink-Water Emulsification Tester D-10A, NPIRI-A-9728 grind gauge, Calibrated density cups, Zahn viscosity cups Ink characterization
IGT Tester, AIC2-5 (laboratory offset printing, for ink consumption, trapping, paper absorption analysis) Laboratory printability, ink/substrate interactions
Flexiproof 100-UV, RK Print Coat Instruments (laboratory flexographic printing, hot-air or UV drying) and Phantom Proofer, Harper Laboratory printability, ink/substrate interactions
K-printing Proofer, RK Printcoat Instrument (laboratory rotogravure printing) Laboratory printability, ink/substrate interactions
OCA LJ15, Dataphysics (surface tension of liquids, surface energy of solids and liquid-solid interactions with drop contact angle) Laboratory printability, ink/substrate interactions
Spectrophotometer eXact Advanced, Xrite (0/45° geometry, (color density, spectral measurement, optical properties of paper substrates) Optical characterization
Technibrite, TB-C1 micro, Technidyne (whiteness and brightness, opacity) Optical characterization
Novogloss 60° Glossmeter, MG6-F1 Optical characterization
Verity IA Software (image analysis for print mottle and print through quantification) Optical characterization
Contour GT-K Manual Optical Profilometer, Bruker Physical Characterization
Micrometer 49-86-00-0001, TMI Physical Characterization
Other equipment: Bendtsen Porosity and Roughness Tester, Stiffness Tester Taber V-5, Cobb Tester (water absoption of papers), Lint filtration system Physical Characterization
Ink Rub Tester 10-18-01-0001, TMI Print Durability
Taber Abraser 5135 (abrasion resistance) Print Durability
Environmental Test Chamber MKF56 , 60L, Binder (Temperature tests: range -40oC to +180oC, Climatic tests: temperature range: 10oC to 95oC, relative humidity range: 10 to 98 % ) Print Durability
Other equipment: Folding Endurance Tester, Elmendorf Tearing Tester Print Durability
4 Point Resistivity Measurement System, Pro 440N, Lucas Signatone Printed Electronics Characterization
Potensiostat 8 Chanel Battery Analyzer, BST8-MA, MTI Printed Electronics Characterization
Advanced Potensiostat SP 300 PSTAT/GSTAT/EIS, Biologic Printed Electronics Characterization