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Agrinova - Milk Production, the Center for Research and Innovation in Agriculture, is a Technology Access Centre located in Alma, Quebec, providing services throughout the province to improve dairy companies' access to new technologies and assisting them with the adoption of innovative new technologies and practices. Agrinova's technology support focuses primarily on consumer concerns (milk quality); reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; organic or natural products; comfort and well-being of animals; digital adoption; and the economic efficiency of companies.

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Agrinova-PL Stéphanie Claveau

Stéphanie Claveau
Director, Animal and Feed Production


640 Rue Côté, Alma, QC G8B 7S8

Services offered in: English and French

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  1. Dairy production
  2. Vegetable production
  3. Technical assistance

Previous Research Projects:

  • Effects of prolonging the pre-calving period on the health and production of dairy cows in commercial farms
  • Development and testing of new strategies for protein intake adapted to the metabolism of the Ayrshire cow.
  • Development of dietary strategies to improve the efficiency of protein to improve the efficiency of protein use in a farm context
  • Effects of TRITURO┬« Dairy Extruded Soybean Meal
  • Development of optimal strategies for the use of composted bedding in dairy production
  • Development of an alternative method of controlling flies on pasture in organic and conventional dairy herds
  • Potential of the association of seaweed, biochar and whey processing co-products against greenhouse gas emissions in dairy cattle production
  • Study on the positioning of non-genetically modified (GM) alfalfa in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region in order to keep it free of GM alfalfa
  • Study of the potential of biochar as a means of reducing GHG emissions in dairy production
  • Evaluation of different alternative strategies to conventional forage production in the context of climate change in the Lower St. Lawrence region
  • Experimentation of a method of sanitizing watering pipes to ensure water quality on dairy farms and improve the production and health of cows
  • Experimentation of the effect of sucrose from agri-food industry waste (Pursucre) on ruminal pH, production and milk composition in dairy cows
  • Development and experimentation of a wood residue and lime bedding to maximize comfort in dairy cows

Fields of projects:

  • Health, disease resistance
  • Production, management
  • Genetics
  • Environmental and socio-economic sustainability
  • Food and nutrition
  • Milk composition and quality
  • Animal welfare
  • Reproduction


  1. Agriculture


Ration mixer
Grain dryer
Growth chamber
Oven for drying samples
Grain screen
Bolus at ruminal pH