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At the Integrated Agriculture Technology Centre (IATC), we’re meeting the demand for quality applied research into aquaculture and aquaponic practices specifically adapted to northern geographical locations. We have over 20,000 sq ft of controlled-environment agriculture facilities, including our internationally-known Aquaculture Centre of Excellence and our research greenhouse, the Centre for Sustainable Food Production. Our unique facilities offer pre-commercial validation opportunities for commercial application and allow for exploration of a variety integrated food production techniques.

The IATC connects industry with the technologies and research expertise at Lethbridge College. We serve small- and medium-sized enterprises by providing applied research and technical services to solve challenges, as well as specialized training on the latest equipment and emerging technologies.

Our greenhouse operations, biosecure isolation facilities, water recirculation technologies, and water quality testing provide a solid foundation for a variety of aquatic-and aquaponic-based research, particularly in:

  • aquaponics
  • recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS)
  • RAS ecosystem health
  • RAS water quality
  • greenhouse techniques and technologies water conservation
  • waste management
  • aerobic bioreactor technology
  • novel micro filtration systems (biochar)

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Aquaculture research scientist Nick Savidov poses in the campus greenhouse for Wider Horizons.
Credit: Rob Olson Photography

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IATC Alexis Buzzee

Alexis Buzzee
Applied Research Operations Officer


IATC John Derksen

John Derksen
Industry Liaison and Research Advisor


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  1. Aerobic Bioreactor Technology
  2. Aerobic Digestate-based Nutrient Solutions
  3. Agricultural Engineering
  4. Aquaculture
  5. Aquaponics Design
  6. Crop Production
  7. Dewatering Techniques
  8. Drip Irrigation
  9. Effluent and Feedstock Management
  10. Fertigation
  11. Food Safety
  12. Greenhouse Control Systems
  13. Greenhouse Management
  14. Innovate Substrates for Plant Growth
  15. Integrated Food Production Systems
  16. Organoleptics
  17. Pathogen and Pest Management
  18. Pivot Irrigation
  19. Plant Stress Management
  20. Post-harvest Management
  21. Precision Irrigation
  22. Technology
  23. Vertical Aquaponics
  24. Waste Treatment
  25. Water and Nutrient Monitoring
  26. Water Use Efficiency
  27. Wet Processing

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  • Small and Large-scale Crop Producers
  • Greenhouse Growers
  • Aquaponics Operations
  • Aquaculture Operations
  • Food Processors
  • Ag-tech Companies


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