Bioindustrial Process Research Centre

Lambton College

Sarnia, ON


The Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre (BPRC) is a Research and Innovation Centre for supporting industry, in particular SMEs, with training and access to technology and equipment and with assistance in developing new products or processes in the key areas of: Fermentation and Distillation; Bioproducts, Biofuels, Biochemicals and Biomaterials; Pharmaceutical and Natural Health Products; Instrumentation and Process Control; Cultivation, Extraction and Chemical Analysis; Food and Beverage; Cleantech; Life Sciences and Biotechnology.

With a complement of nine full-time researchers, numerous student researchers and $5 million worth of biotechnology analytical and production equipment located in a Fermentation Lab, Bio Analytical Lab, Natural Health Products lab and Material Processing and Testing Lab, the BPRC is well equipped to serve the needs of many diverse partners.

In its first year of operation since launching in 2019, BPRC developed and executed over 70 projects with 60 partners, including international partners. In addition, BPRC is well connected to local and regional accelerators working in the cleantech and sustainable chemistry sectors.

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  1. Fermentation and Distillation
  2. Bioproducts, Biochemicals, Biofuels and Biomaterials
  3. Pharmaceutical and Natural Heatlh Products
  4. Cultivation, extraction and chemical analysis
  5. Bio Process Instrumentation and Process Control
  6. Food and Beverage
  7. Cleantech
  8. Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Fields of projects:

  • Separation and Characterization of Glucose, Xylose and Oligomers from Cellulosic Biomass
  • Optimizing Cannabis Terpene Isolation
  • Development of New Kombuchas
  • Evaluation of Sustainable Cannabis Extraction Methods
  • Concurrent Alcohol Recovery and Fermentation
  • Vermicomposting of Agri-Food Waste
  • Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Water
  • Industrial Production of Black Soldier Fly Larvae
  • Molecular Agriculture of Medicinal Herbs


  1. Natural Resources


Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Dionex Ion Chromatography System
Gas Chromatograph (GC) with a Mass Spectrometer and Flame Ionization Detector
Fluorescent Microscope
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Analyzer for the Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Raman Spectrometer
Zeta Potential Analyzer
Mass Spectrometer and Internal TCD for Quantachrome Surface Area Analyzer
Supercritical CO2 Extractor
Microplate Reader
Real-time PCR
Glove Box
UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer
DNA Sequencer
2 L to 32 L fermenter
Distillation equipment
Atomic force microscopy
Scanning electron microscopy
Tensile analyzer
Elongation analyzer
Particle size analyzer
IZOD impact tester
Micro compounder
Twin screw extruder
  • A&L Biologicals
  • Western Phytoceutica
  • Lignition
  • Roelands Plant Farms
  • Refined Fool Brewery
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • University of Guelph
  • Bioindustrial Innovation Canada