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Red Deer College

Red Deer, AB


Leading edge ideas become reality when clients collaborate with the Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing (CIM-TAC) to discover innovative manufacturing solutions.

Located at Red Deer College, the CIM-TAC is a collaborative centre equipped with $5.9M in cutting-edge, industry-leading prototype and advanced manufacturing equipment in 15,000 square feet of industrially accessible space. We focus on early stage prototyping and product development, design for manufacturing, validation, and manufacturing optimization. Our expert technicians are dedicated to serving industry needs, and can help our clients to problem solve, engineer designs, create 3D models, and fabricate prototypes. RDC is the only post-secondary facility in Alberta with this breadth of manufacturing equipment and expertise.

Being both centralized and dedicated to serving industry, the CIM-TAC is an integral part of the regional investment attraction portfolio and a trustworthy partner for industry collaboration. Our outstanding reputation has been earned by providing excellent service to our clients, and through our willingness to refer companies to other organizations who are a better fit when appropriate. As a member of the central Alberta manufacturing community, the CIM-TAC can connect you to community partner organizations, industry experts, and funding opportunities. We strive to respond to industry needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Since opening, the CIM-TAC has seen an overwhelming demand for our services from across the province and gained a reputation for approachability, relevant technical expertise, and broad industry support capabilities. We have a long list of satisfied clients and a growing record of successful new and improved products and processes, created in partnership with Alberta companies.

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HAAS Super VF-3 vertical milling machine.

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  1. Testing and validation
  2. System design
  3. System scaling and benchmarking
  4. Process optimization
  5. Comparative analysis for new products
  6. Market analysis
  7. Product development and support
  8. Product testing
  9. 3D printing
  10. Rapid prototyping
  11. Digital simulation
  12. Materials selection
  13. Augmented reality
  14. Metal fabrication
  15. Additive manufacturing
  16. 3D scanning
  17. Reverse engineering
  18. Metrology
  19. Robotics and automation integration
  20. Lean manufacturing
  21. Destructive and non-destructive testing
  22. Service testing
  23. Mentorship and coaching

Previous Research Projects:

  • Simitri Stable in Stride - modular device to provide canine joint stability
  • Good Morning Snore Solution - anti-snoring oral appliance
  • Moppitt - multi-use cleaning tool for the airline industry
  • H3ealth Technologies Inc. - design and prototyping for a portable maternal medical monitoring unit
  • Finis Energy - solar panel roof tile
  • iTClamp - medical device designed to instantly clamp a compressible wound shut
  • Equine Smart Phone App


  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Agriculture
  3. Medical Devices
  4. Natural Resources


Equipment Function
CNC 5 axis Mill Mazak Integrex i200 The Mazak combines the capabilities of a turning centre with a milling centre to manufacture complex components from solid blocks or castings, round parts, or sculptured parts.
CNC Mill HAAS VF-3 SS with Trunion, 5-axis The Haas vertical milling machine is a CNC automated precision tool used for shaping and fabrication by progressively removing material, typically from metallic work pieces.
CNC Mill HAAS EC-400 Designed for high-volume production and unattended operation, this CNC machine can create anywhere from 1 to 1,000+ parts, all precisely measured and uniform.
Techno LC Series 4896 CNC Router Fully computer controlled and automated, this router is capable of accurate, repeatable, high speed cutting in wood, plastics, and thin aluminum, to produce both 3D images and detailed 2D designs.
Flow Mach 200 Waterjet (Pivot+5 axis) Can cut complex patterns into thick material (metals, composites, stone, sheet glass, etc.) using a thin stream of water mixed with an abrasive medium. This process is cold (no metallurgical change to heat sensitive materials like alloys) and green (no fumes are produced).
Accurpress 10ft brake Facilitates forming jobs in sheet metal and heavy plate applications while maintaining consistently high repeat accuracy.
Spyder Crane (portable) Designed to operate in narrow places where space is restricted, and provides versatility in materials handling so that a single operator can move source material in the CNC unit on their own.
Full Welding Facility
Rockwell Vertical Band Saw
HydMech Horizontal Band Saw
Hydraulic Press 100 Ton
Mitutoyo Crystal Apex Coordinate Measuring Machinge This machine is used in areas where precise measurement or part verification is required (e.g. reverse engineering). Measurement can be done manually or via computer control and provides uniform quality control for production line products.
Faro Laser Scanner Analyzes real-world objects to digitally capture their shape. This can be used for reverse engineering and replication, or as quality control to verify parts tolerances.
Creaform HandyScan Black Laser Scanner Effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of any physical object.
Mitutoyo PH-A14 Optical Comparator Horizontal-beam projector equipped with highly accurate linear glass scales, provides a bright, crisp image for error free inspection.
Instron 3366 Tensile Tester and United 135000lbs Lets you test sample specimens to failure and view computer-generated data (stress/strain curves) for the material.
Mitutoyo HR-500 Hardness Tester Accurate and repeatable results, real-time load control ensures precise, continuous test force.
Stratasys FDM400mc 3D Printer Using a variety of plastics and colours, the Stratasys precisely prints 3D concept models, functional prototypes, and manufacturing tools.
ExOne Innovent+ Binder Jet 3D Printer Able to print metal, ceramic, composite, and other powder materials.
Markforged Mark Two Continuous fiber composite 3D printer.
Ultimaker 3 Duel extrusion system to 3D print complex geometries.
Precision Quincy Curing Oven The oven heats material up to 600°F and can handle most industrial processes, such as curing epoxy compounds to create irreversibly hardened parts.
Formech Vacuum Former By heating a thermal sheet and stretching it over a single-surface plug, the thermal vacuum former can quickly manufacture plastic moulds for use in items such as product packaging and medical devices.
LaserPro Spirit GX Laser Engraver Fully programmable using Corel Draw, this precision laser cutting machine allows staff to quickly cut and engrave materials including acrylic, cork, fiberglass, marble, and polyester.
Solidworks Premium 3D modeling software
Augmented Reality Goggles