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Ottawa, ON


La Cité's Centre d'accès à la technologie en bio-innovation (CAT-B) contributes to the biotechnology sector by accelerating business innovation through support for process or product development and improvement. Our business model is based on a partnership with industry for applied research, co-financed by public and private funds, in which intellectual property is fully transferred to companies.

Our partners have access to qualified scientific personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. Our team has extensive expertise in microbiology, cell biology, plant biology, molecular biology and genetics. We are fortunate to be able to count on experts in the biology of cannabis, in the development of disease diagnosis tools, in precision fermentation and in cellular agriculture (cultivated meat).

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Work on a DASbox® Mini bioreactor system

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  1. Development, optimization and validation of bioprocesses for cellular agriculture (cultured meat and precision fermentation).
  2. Chemical and biochemical analysis
  3. Genetic engineering applied to industrial and plant biotechnologies, including CRISPR-Cas9
  4. Recombinant protein engineering and production
  5. High-throughput screening platform for optimization of cell culture and fermentation media
  6. Use of tissue culture (in vitro) as a tool to improve plant production and accelerate varietal selection


  1. Agriculture
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Chemicals and Plastics
  4. Clean Technology
  5. Energy
  6. Food Innovation
  7. Medical Devices


Equipment Function
Chemical element analysis
Elemental analyzers TruSpec CN, TruSpec S from LECO Dumas combustion (C, N, S). Quantification of nitrogen, carbon and sulfur in solid samples.
Particle analysis
Beckman Coulter Multisizer Z4 counter Apertures of 20, 30, 50, 100 and 2,000 μm. Particle size determination and quantification.
Nutritional analysis
Ankom A-200 fiber analyzer Intestinal transit simulator.
JeioTech environmental chambers (TH-ME) Temperature and humidity control (20-90% RH) for shelf-life testing.
Neutec LabMaster-aw NEO Measurement of water activity in various types of samples.
Analytical chemistry
Mass spectrometer — (MS AB Sciex (3200 Q Trap)) Separation, identification and quantification of soluble molecules
HPLC-MS — (LC Shimadzu (LC-20AD, DGU-20A3R, SIL-20ACHT) Separation and quantification of soluble molecules
HPLC-UV/VIS — (Varian (920-LC)) Separation and quantification of soluble molecules
Ion chromatography — (Thermo Scientific (Dionex lCS-5000 DC, Dionex lCS-5000 SP Dionex AS-AP)) Separation and identification of charged molecules and ions (amino acids)
Atomic absorption spectrometer — (Varian (AA240)) Quantification of chemical elements
GC-MS (VOC direct injection) Separation, identification and quantification of volatile compounds (fatty acids, hydrocarbons, alcohol)
GC-FID — (Agilent (6890N/5975C))
Capillary electrophoresis — (Agilent (7890A)) Separation and quantification of soluble molecules
Tissue culture
Laminar flow hoods Sterile environment.
DASbox® Mini bioreactor system Protein production and mammalian cell culture. 250 ml tanks
Biolog's OmniLog® PM system Cell phenotyping
Applikon small-scale bioreactor system Protein production and mammalian cell culture. 3.5 L
CO2 incubators Tissue culture.
OLYMPUS BX53F fluorescence microscope Visualization of fluorescent material.
VWR growth chamber Controlled environment for tissue and plant culture.
  • AmacaThera
  • Plantaform
  • Segra International
  • Spiderwort
  • Whiteboard Foods
  • Motigenix
  • Myo Palate
  • Recherches Neuro-Hippocampe
  • GeneRxN Research
  • Liven Proteins
  • LyonLeaf Cannabis