Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation

La Cité

Ottawa, ON


Beyond forging applied research partnerships, the Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (TAC-B) offers technical support, analysis, process development, training, and networking through diverse federal and provincial financing opportunities to develop industries.

The Centre, associated with the Bachelors in biotechnology from La Cité, benefits from a skilled workforce as well as high-tech equipment in molecular biology and microbiology. These resources are made available to SMEs to enable the implementation of applied research projects leading to the creation of new products or processes or the optimization of existing technologies in the agri-food, human and animal health as well as industrial and environmental sectors.

It provides access to scientific and technical personnel and high-level equipment for businesses and research institutes. The centre is comprised of a team with vast expertise in biophysics, bioprocesses, biotechnology, analytical chemistry and genetic engineering. We collaborate with businesses and institutions by offering concrete solutions to specific needs and problems. We also use our expertise to support training, innovation and development to commercialize processes and products. 

Since 2009, TAC-B has developed more than 85 industry and community applied research projects in the fields of red, green, and white biotechnology in Ontario and Western Quebec.

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  1. Agri-food
  2. Analytical chemistry
  3. Bioinformatics
  4. Bioprocesses
  5. Biotechnology
  6. Cell and microbial culture
  7. Chemical and biochemical analyses
  8. Engineering and recombinant protein production
  9. Genetic engineering and bioinformatics


  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Agriculture
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Chemicals and Plastics
  5. Clean Technology
  6. Energy
  7. Environmental Technology
  8. Food Innovation
  9. Forestry
  10. Human Health Therapeutics


Equipment Function
Chemical element analysis
Kjeltec digester and distiller (N) — (FOSS (Kjeltec 8000)) Quantification of nitrogen in liquid and solid samples
Dumas Combustion (C,N,S) — (LECO (TruSpec CN,TruSpec S)) Quantification of nitrogen, carbon and sulfur in solid samples
Particle analysis
Multisizer Z4 (openings of 20, 30, 50, 100 and 2,000 μm) — (Beckman Coulter (Multisizer 4)) Particle sizing and quantification
Nutritional analysis
Fiber analyzer — (Ankom (A-200)) Intestinal transit simulator
Soxhlet extractor — (Foss (Soxtec 2045)) Fat extraction
Environmental chambers — (JeiTech (TH-ME)) Temperature and humidity control (20-90% HR) for life tests
Water activity measurement — (Neutec (Lab Measurement of water activity in different types of samples
Analytical chemistry
Mass spectrometer — (MS AB Sciex (3200 Q Trap)) Separation, identification and quantification of soluble molecules
HPLC-MS — (LC Shimadzu (LC-20AD, DGU-20A3R, SIL-20ACHT) Separation and quantification of soluble molecules
HPLC-UV/VIS — (Varian (920-LC)) Separation and quantification of soluble molecules
Ion chromatography — (Thermo Scientific (Dionex lCS-5000 DC, Dionex lCS-5000 SP Dionex AS-AP)) Separation and identification of charged molecules and ions (amino acids)
Atomic absorption spectrometer — (Varian (AA240)) Quantification of chemical elements
GC-MS (VOC direct injection) Separation, identification and quantification of volatile compounds (fatty acids, hydrocarbons, alcohol)
GC-FID — (Agilent (6890N/5975C))
Capillary electrophoresis — (Agilent (7890A)) Separation and quantification of soluble molecules
Differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) — (Agilent (HP 3D CE)) Detection of phase transitions
FT-NIR spectrometer — (PerkinElmer (JADE)) Non-destructive analysis of different nutritional  parameters (calibration curve required)
 TANGO spectrometer
Tissue culture
Laminar flow hoods Sterile environment
CO2 incubator Tissue culture
Fluorescence microscope (OLYMPUS -BX53F) — (OLYMPUS (BX53F)) Visualization of fluorescent material
Growth chamber (VWR) —(VWR) Controlled environment for tissue and plant culture
  • Agrinova
  • Agrisoma Biosciences inc.
  • Artenga
  • Cell Reserve inc.
  • deltaDNA inc.
  • Pommes de Terre Laurentionnes inc.
  • RD Legault Seeds inc.
  • Siniazo Biotech